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On behalf of the board of directors (the “Board”) of Neway Group Holdings Limited (the “Company”). I would like to present to the shareholders the results of the Company and its subsidiaries (together, the “Group”) for the year ended 31 December 2015 (the “Year”).

The Group recorded a loss during the Year, mainly due to the loss recognised for the manufacturing and sales business, music and entertainment business and securities trading business. Detailed analysis of each business segment was covered in Management Discussion and Analysis.

During the Year, the Group has continued its effort on and allocated more resources to each of its business segments and has identified business opportunities which could create value for the Group. All efforts devoted by the Group have been gradually reflected in the financial performance of each business segment.

Looking forward, the Group will continue allocating more resources to expand the lending business, targeting on corporate clients and the personal loan market. As for the manufacturing and sales business, the Group will further increase the overall efficiency, expand the customer networks and improve its business model to overcome the uncertainty in the industry and economy.

Furthermore, the Group will continue to develop its entertainment business in Hong Kong and consider its further expansion in the PRC. More marketing resources will also be devoted in promoting the mini storage and business service center businesses so as to increase the occupancy rate of the properties.

Gaming business was a newly developed business in the year of 2014. Subsequent to year-end date, the Group has successfully despatched the first batch of slot machines to Mexico. The Group will continue to launch more products and penetrate into markets in more countries in the coming year and seeking for further opportunities in the internet gaming and social gaming market.

During the Year, the Group has commenced a new business activity in the PRC by entering into an exclusive operator agreement and been acting as an exclusive operator in the neighborhood stores in certain cities in the PRC. The Group will conduct further feasibility study and consider expanding the business into other cities in the PRC. The Group will continue seeking for potential investments with higher return on investment.

On behalf of the Board, I would like to take this opportunity to express my appreciation to all shareholders, investors, business partners and staff for their continuous support and dedication throughout the Year.

SUEK Ka Lun, Ernie

Hong Kong
23 March 2016

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